Our exhibitions


More than five houndred visitors took part in the 51st Laguna Lakástextil exhibition in Budaörs at Trend2 business center.
The event, which was on the last weekend of February, was positive not just because of the attendance, but also because of a record in sales.
In the picture you can see our Laguna team members who carried the work and took care of our customers all three days long.


Heimtextil 2017

The Heimtextil exhibition unfolded very successfully for Laguna again this year. We were satisfied with our partner's interest, almost 150 companies placed orders during the fair from every continent except Australia. We hope to meet you again at the world's biggest household exhibition.


Exhibition in Szombathely

Our last house exhibition exceeded our previous exhibitions in terms of the number of the guests and the turnover. At our peak almost 300 people were looking our selection and we did our best to be a good host. We realized that we have outgrown our building so we have to expand our facilities. It is good to know that we work for a reason. Thank you very much for your participation



Exhibition in Budapest

We have already had 47 exhibitions in the last 20 years, and we have loved each and every one of them, but this exhibition in Trend2 was our favourite.
Our partners were of the same opinion, as we have never had so many visitors and orders. It was fantastic to be together.


Heimtextil 2016

The 2016 Heimtextil surpassed our expectations. The signs were not good, but fortunately we cannot complain about the number of visitors. There was an increase in the number of the companies which placed orders. Besides our retail salers, our wholesaler partners also came, who don't purchase for their own shop, but distribute our textiles for other shops. Among our visitors were our Spanish, Greek, Italian, Estonian and Canadian representatives. Laguna textiles are available in almost 40 countries. Our stand was able to attract a Chinese representative also. It has been proved once again that Heimtextil is important for us.

Exhibition in Szombathely

We held our traditional exhibition at our headquarters in Szombathely.

The day was filled with friendly meetings, the joy of seeing each other again, getting to know the novelities and discounted products and taking part in Ákos Komáromi's presentation on next years'  trends. As in previous years we ended the day with nice dinner and music.


Exhibition in Budapest

We had our season opening exhibition at Trend2 in Budaörs between February 21th and 23th. If we count all of our events, it was the 45th exhibtition in our history, so we had seen a lot. Still we were surprised at the number of the visitors, their kind interest and their eager curiosity. We would like to thank our partners.


Heimtextil 2015

We received a high interest at our stand at Heimtextil exhibition. Our new collection will be available in 43 countries including Japan, Canada, Israel, Finland, Jordan, Cyprus and Monaco. We worked bravely with colors and we used bold technics to decorate our stand which met our customers' taste. Amongst our novelities metal looked textiles, digital prints and outdoor textiles achieved the biggest success. We proudly represented Hungary in the world's biggest household textil exhibition.

Exhibition in Szombathely

More than 200 people from 100 companies visited our home exhibition. Our yearly exhibition was held on the 7th of September in Szombathely. We introduced our new collection and also the sale on outgoing items were a great success.

Our guests had the possibility of attending a presentation on the upcoming trends of next year. They met with Laguna's colleauges and exchanged ideas and experiences with each other. In the evening we enjoyed each others company with music. We will repeat this event next year same place, same time. Because there is a demand for such events. Because everyone needs to feel at home. Because we textile distributors are also a family.



Heimtextil 2014

Laguna exhibited in Heimtextil fair for the 4th time. We like being there, that's the main thing. It is still early, and we know we have to leave soon, this takes away from our festive mood. It is tiring. It is not cheap. There are fewer guests than in the golden days. We so much love the impulse of the new and fresh trends. Is is so good to be in competition with the best. It is such a good feeling to deal with partners from every corner of the world. That's why we can't turn away from the adventure. We would be less without the biggest household textile line up, and we hope that Heimtextil would be a little bit less without us too.


  • We would like to inform you about our holiday hours in 2017

  • Here is picture from the fair in Shenzen, China where Laguna items were exhibited for the second time.

  • More than five houndred visitors took part in the 51st Laguna Lakástextil exhibition in Budaörs
    at Trend2 business center....

  • The Heimtextil exhibition unfolded very successfully for Laguna again this year.