Our exhibitions

Heimtextil 2015

We received a high interest at our stand at Heimtextil exhibition. Our new collection will be available in 43 countries including Japan, Canada, Israel, Finland, Jordan, Cyprus and Monaco. We worked bravely with colors and we used bold technics to decorate our stand which met our customers' taste. Amongst our novelities metal looked textiles, digital prints and outdoor textiles achieved the biggest success. We proudly represented Hungary in the world's biggest household textil exhibition.

Exhibition in Szombathely

More than 200 people from 100 companies visited our home exhibition. Our yearly exhibition was held on the 7th of September in Szombathely. We introduced our new collection and also the sale on outgoing items were a great success.

Our guests had the possibility of attending a presentation on the upcoming trends of next year. They met with Laguna's colleauges and exchanged ideas and experiences with each other. In the evening we enjoyed each others company with music. We will repeat this event next year same place, same time. Because there is a demand for such events. Because everyone needs to feel at home. Because we textile distributors are also a family.



Heimtextil 2014

Laguna exhibited in Heimtextil fair for the 4th time. We like being there, that's the main thing. It is still early, and we know we have to leave soon, this takes away from our festive mood. It is tiring. It is not cheap. There are fewer guests than in the golden days. We so much love the impulse of the new and fresh trends. Is is so good to be in competition with the best. It is such a good feeling to deal with partners from every corner of the world. That's why we can't turn away from the adventure. We would be less without the biggest household textile line up, and we hope that Heimtextil would be a little bit less without us too.


Exhibiton in Budapest

We learned 3 things again during our exhibiton in Budapest. Meetings bring joy, new experiences are full of hope, cooperation gives strenght. We discovered doing such a big job is always wothwhile when we have a reason and people to serve.

It gives us great encouragement and we would like to thank you for it.





Heimtextil 2013

We saw, and we were seen. With 2658 exhibitors and around 66000 visitors from 128 countries Heimtextil is still the world’s the biggest functioning fair. We have been exhibiting at Heimtextil for 3 years, and this year was a huge break through: we sold curtains to China. European taste and elegance is young and fashionable again. Exciting, stylish and saleable. It isn’t blue and red, rather peach and salmon red, prehaps emerald green, cosy, unique, reminiscent.



Exhibition in Balatonfüred

This year we were having our autumn exhibition on the 8th (Saturday) and on the 9th (Sunday) of September. The location was irregurarly not our headquarters in Szombathely, but Flamingo hotel in Balatonfüred. The attendance was great as well as the weather. We had a pleasant time in the company of curtains, yacht harbour and lake Balaton.



Heimtextil 2012

We took a little risk this year. In our stand the deep blue and the metallic green dominated creating a significant contrast to the white construction materials. We didn’t exaggerate dressing up the stand. We let the textiles speak instead of us. There were big comings and goings in hall 3.0, we had 3 times more visitors than last year. Altogether we had orders and pursuits from 50 countries. The turquoise and green colours, which are the fashion colours of 2012/13, attracted attention, but our customers preferred the white, light beige and brown articles. The different shades of blue are the next year’s favourites not without any reason. The real success were guaranteed by the daring, playful and unique curtains. Our visitors were choosing among our Excellent Collection’s samples in a more enhusiastic way than expected.

Now it is a fact: it was worth taking a risk. Our guests accepted the introduction of the brand new trends without reservation. Those who relied only on the glorious past and traditions, well, they looked too much alike. So happened, that it was fairly easy to recognise Laguna in Frankfurt.


  • This was our tenth exhibition at the largest home textile fair in the world.

  • We would liket to inform you about our holiday hours in 2019.

  • We would like to inform you about our holiday hours in 2017

  • Here is picture from the fair in Shenzen, China where Laguna items were exhibited for the second time.